Traffic Shaping Your REST and Mobile APIs

Apakau provides a patented geo-distributed API data delivery network™ that enables enterprises to speed up the performance of their mobile applications and APIs. This solution is complementary to content delivery networks (CDN), with local POPs even closer to the end user for faster response times.

Apakau’s API DDN (data delivery network) works at the OSI Layer 7 layer on the API calls with a simple DNS change: no other changes to your mobile or web apps or your data center. Latency, traffic spikes, DDoS attacks and data center costs are managed by intercepting and proxying the traffic close to end user’s ISPs or cell towers.

Local pops in NYC

Apakau's local POPS are close to end user’s ISPs or cell towers for reduced latency.

Apakau Geo-Distributed API Data Delivery Network Provides

Faster Performance

DNS configuration change

Protection from traffic spikes

Scales Data Center Capacity

Fast delivery of app data gives a 10x boost to the performance of dynamic data requests.

A simple DNS change is all that is required to activate our DDN. No hardware or software changes required.

Manages traffic spikes by giving higher priority to the most important API/data calls at times of high traffic.

Designed to reduce the burden on a company’s overall IT landscape.