Easy to Use. Easy to Setup.

Apakau Global Cloud Proxy handles more than 10M requests per hour and successfully stamps out traffic spikes and DDOS attacks.  Our success rate is 100%. No software, no hardware, no infrastructure changes. Your IT department will love us. Protect your company revenues, customer retention and brand reputation.

We Don't Let DDoS Hurt You

You have a great website but DDoS attacks are always on your mind. You understand the threat level is high. DDoS attacks are increasing in numbers, more unpredictable and more costly to defend against. The threat is real.

Cut Your Losses

DDoS attacks are probably the most difficult threat to stop. Even a small incident can lead to huge financial losses. The longer the outage, the higher the cost. DDoS attacks may also be a smokescreen to distract IT staff while malware does the real damage. More than 55% of DDoS targets were victims of financial damage, loss of customer data and intellectual property.

And the cost of DDoS are consuming more of company resources: IT, Finance, Security and Risk Management, Customer Service, and Sales.

Scalability Using the Edge

Don’t scale your datacenter to the 90th percentile just to gain better protection and performance. It’s costly and ineffective.

Architecturally, Apakau’s geo-distributed architecture using networks of edge nodes is an efficient and cost effective method of scaling to protect you from DDoS and to provide consistently high levels of service, even during a DDoS attack.

Protect Your Company's Revenues

  • Maintain website uptime
  • Low implementation cost
  • No software and hardware or infrastructure changes
  • Avoid embarrassment due to security breaches
  • No commitments
  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Low Implementation Cost
  • No Software. No Hardware. No Commitment
  • Scale for the 60th percentile instead of 90th percentile