Don't Mitigate. Eliminate.

DDoS attacks are growing. If you haven’t had one yet, you know you will. You understand the threat level is high. DDoS attacks are increasing in numbers, more unpredictable and more costly to defend against. The threat is real. It’s Happening Now.

Digital Attack Map: a collaboration between Arbor Networks and Google Ideas

No One is Safe.

With the exponential increase of enterprise mobile applications and the amount of dynamic data required by APIs and DHTML pages, defending against DDoS attacks is difficult and costly, and until now, ineffective. Apakau Cloud Proxy makes it easy. Our simple solution just requires adding a CNAME to turn us on. No software, no hardware, no infrastructure changes.

The retail industry was most frequently targeted with web application attacks in Q4 2015

The Stakes are High.

DDoS attacks are probably the most difficult threat to stop. Even a small incident can lead to huge financial losses and damage your company’s reputation. The longer the outage, the higher the cost. The longest application layer attack lasted for over 101 days.

DDoS attacks may also be a smokescreen to distract IT staff while injecting malware that does real damage. More than 55% of DDoS targets are victims of financial damage, loss of customer data and intellectual property. Of these attacks, 25% target applications to block company use. 

And the cost of DDoS attacks incur higher costs and resources: IT, Finance, Security and Risk Management, Customer Service, and Sales.

So Many Options. So Little Time.

Not all security solutions are created equal. Every fourth company risks losing access to business-critical systems that result in reputational damage. If they haven’t succeeded yet. they will. No verticals are immune. Established DDoS approaches like CDNs, API services, DNS filters, end point solutions and regional centers all have inherent weaknesses. Apakau Cloud Proxy stops DDoS attacks while enhancing and strengthening existing approaches. Let Us Prove It.